Eat to Beat: Foods That Heal

I recently found ABC Good Morning America Health on! Check it out here! There are nearly 100 clips with wonderful health tips. Here’s one:

This clip of Erin Hobday, Self Magazine’s Nutrition Editor, talks with Good Morning America about some foods that help you feel better and target certain health concerns. More info on

Feeling Down? Pasta and Dark Chocolate boost level of serotonin, which makes you feel happy.

Headaches? Pumpkin seeds (2 oz. per day for daily recommended amount of Magnesium) and WATER!

Want to boost your memory? Try a Mediterranean Diet: high in antioxidants and heart healthy. May reduce risk of Alzheimer’s.

PMS? combo of calcium and Vitamin D (3 servings of soy milk, skim milk, or vitamin D rich dairy products daily)

Want to keep wrinkles at bay? Beta Carotene and Lycopene (1 c. Cantaloupe, a few chunks watermelon) and Vitamin C rich foods to produce collagen in skin (1/2 red pepper)

Want a healthy heart? Peanut Butter (1 Tbsp./5x per week) and whole grains (2 servings per day)

For a full list, check out Very cool!

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