Book Review: Health & Weight-Loss Breakthroughs 2009, Maximum Immunity

From the editors of Prevention. 278 pages.

Though produced in 2009, this book is in old-school textbook style. Very scientific approach, but very helpful, especially the diet/exercise plan in Part III. I’d give this one four stars: not a must have, but definitely a great resource.

Part I: Meet Your Immune System

This first section is highly educational, and speaks of the “Keys” to “Unlock Immune Power: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, mood management, sunlight, and environment. It also examines certain factors that may increase your health risks: smoking, stress, sleep-deprivation, lack of movement or excessive movement, crash dieting. It ends with an immunity quiz to help you know where you are and what needs to be adjusted.

Part II: 7 Keys to Maximum Immunity

  1. Nutrition: An Apple a Day Can Keep the Doctor Away (takes a closer look at food groups, etc.)
  2. Exercise: Keep It Moderate and Consistent (recommends 30-60 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each day plus at least 10 minutes of strength training most days; also gives some tips on staying motivated: a whiff of peppermint, an exercise “contract,” an exercise buddy, visualization of results, active frame of mind, creativity in exercise time, eating a big breakfast, sacking only if you need to, and rewarding yourself.)
  3. Sleep: Quality Matters as Much as Quantity (some tips: Set a regular sleep schedule, de-clutter your bedroom, buy the best bed you can afford, keep it cool, keep it quiet, keep it dark, keep it animal free, establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine, avoid late-night distractions, consider your bedclothes, time your exercise, time your meals, time your alcohol consumption, time caffeine consumption, get the right amount of sun exposure.)
  4. Stress: Don’t Let It Get the Best of You (Know the difference between good stress and bad stress. Tips: Focus on deep breathing, tune into your body, meditate, pray, exercise, get a massage.)
  5. Mood: Happiness Is Good Medicine (Tips: Remind yourself to have fun, Learn to laugh at yourself, Schedule a regular silliness check. If nothing else helps, smile.)
  6. Sunlight: A Small Amount Is a Great Source of Vitamin D
  7. Environment: How You Can Outsmart Germs (Tips: wash your hands, watch your pets, keep your kitchen clean, and change air filters regularly.)

Part III: Immune Essentials: The 4-Week Plan (gives a 4-week day-by-day meal and exercise plan with blank spots for diary entries about your sleep, stress level, mood, and environment; seems really good!)

Part IV: Immune Extras: Smart Strategies to Boost Immunity


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