Serendipitous Delight

My Afternoon: Serendipitous Delight

It was a good morning full of errands and business. I made myself another Spinach Garlic Omelet with Dill Havarti too. Might as well use it up while it’s good. And I managed to get the laundry started.

I’ve opened almost all of the windows in the house, and turned on the upstairs ceiling fans, and it feels wonderful in here! So I’m sitting down to a cup of coffee, and some sweet potato chips with all natural fig jam that I picked up at The Pita House. The back of the “Food Should Taste Good” packages always give recommendations for pairing their chips with different items. They recommended pairing the Sweet Potato with things like cinnamon or raspberry jam. Well, I didn’t have raspberry, so I thought I’d try the fig. Wow! If you’ve ever watched Ratatouille and seen him bite into the cheese and strawberry at the same time, it’s like that! Serendipitous delight!

So, I’m settling in to try to review a few more books for y’all. It might take me a while. I found a great deal at T.J. Maxx this week on all kinds of health and wellness books ($2-6 each). So, here we go…

2 responses to “Serendipitous Delight

  1. adventuresinuncooking

    Ooo book reviews! Keep ’em coming. Also, those chips pictured above are delicious, aren’t they??

  2. I love them as they come, but the fig jam really was delicious on them. Only make sure you just slightly glaze them. Don’t treat it like salsa. šŸ™‚

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