An Average Monday

I started today with mixing up some homemade sourdough bread dough. I use a Kitchenaid standing mixer, so it makes my life easy. I just throw everything in and let it mix while I pack breakfast and lunch for the day. It rained last night, so I didn’t need to water the garden this morning.

Breakfast was leftover sweet potato-and-edamame hash and a Pomegranate Greek Yogurt. Lunch was leftover organic pasta noodles with all natural marinara sauce. Breakfast usually happens around 8:30. I ate my lunch around 11. Then around 1, I took my break and went running.  It was a beautiful day – partly cloudy and cool. I ran 3 miles and then came back to the office.

For my afternoon snack, I had one package of cinnamon spice oatmeal with a tablespoon of organic peanut butter mixed in. Perfect after a good run! After work, I have to look in on a friend for a bit. And tonight, I think we’re going to try broiled cod with rice, spinach, carrots and a glass of milk. Then I’ll have 1/2 cup of berries and 1 serving of dark chocolate for dessert.

After dinner, I need to read my Bible and finish one more chapter of the book I’m reading (How to Do It All and Not Be Overwhelmed) and maybe I’ll get in some yoga before Chuck comes on at 8. Then it’s off to bed to start all over again bright and early in the a.m.

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