Organic Options in/near Greenville, SC

Here’s a small list of farms I’ve found in my local area:
Sharon Rose Farm: 1872 Sharon Rd., Woodruff, SC 29388, (864) 444.9710: (If anyone is interested in buying organic meat in bulk to be frozen, and you can’t afford to buy a whole side of beef by yourself, we may be able to get a few of us together to split the cost and the meat. Post a comment if you’re interested.)
The Happy Berry: 204 Bates Bridge Road, Marietta, SC, (864) 244.5809:
Blue Skies Organic Farm & Nursery, Easley, SC:
South Carolina – Eat Wild:
Greenville Organic Farming Organization:
Where to find pick your own farms and orchards in South Carolina:

Other local-to-Greenville-South-Carolina stores that carry organic items include:
Bi-Lo has a small organic section, but does not always have the best prices.
Earthfare, on Pelham Rd. near I-85, is pretty much entirely all natural and organic (look for coupon booklets in magazine rack at front of store).
Ingles has actually started carrying a good selection of local organic products and has some very competitive pricing. Often the organic and the non-organic produce are the same price.
Publix has a good selection (look for brown labels on the aisle markers; brown labels mean “all natural”; if a product is organic it will be brown and have a small round symbol that says “USDA Organic”). (Also, look for coupon booklets at front of store here.)
The Fresh Market, on Pleasantburg Drive near Greenville Tech Campus, has many all natural and organic products.
The Whole Foods Market, on Woodruff Road near I-85, is pretty much entirely all natural and organic.

Coupons for Organic Options:
1. As mentioned above, check magazine racks as you walk into the store at places like Earthfare and Publix.

2. Sign up for RSS Feeds from the following blogs (Google Reader is a great way to manage this quickly if you have a Gmail account; if not, it may be worth signing up for a free Gmail account): (this woman used her crockpot every day one year and did a lot of gluten free options) (some organic) (Gluten Free – Casein Free – Soy Free) (gluten free coupons and recipes) (organic coupons) (not all organic, but lets you know when almost anything’s on sale) (not all organic, but lets you know when almost anything’s on sale)
Thought I haven’t come across any organic co-ops yet, I hope this helps all of you who were looking for some organic options! Happy shopping!


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