How To Use A French Press

The reason french pressed coffee tastes so good is that there is no paper filter involved to soak up the essential oils of the coffee beans, thus yielding a smoother, richer, more flavorful cup of coffee every time. Try it once. You’ll never go back! Where would one find a french press? Most retail stores like Target, Walmart, or TJMaxx carry them. You can also get them at Williams-Sonoma or A standard french press usually runs around $15.

The first step to good coffee is to freshly grind your coffee beans. When using a french press, you want to make sure your coffee is ground coarsely. If it’s ground too finely, the filter will not be able to catch the grounds, and they will float through the brewed coffee and into the bottom of your cup, which is not a pleasant experience.
For a regular size french press, grind 6 Tablespoons of coffee and place in the bottom of the press. Bring a tea kettle worth of water to a boil (filtered water does taste best). Pour over grounds, just enough to cover the grounds, and swirl the coffee with the water for 30 seconds. This will yield a crema (frothy look on top of the coffee). Fill the press with the remainder of the hot water to just below the spout. Put lid on and let steep for 4 minutes.
When he timer rings, plunge the filter to the bottom of the press slowly. Pour and enjoy! Remember, it’s a good idea to hold the handle on the lid while pouring from a french press.
1 regular size french press yields 2-3 cups of divine coffee.

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